DC MEME -  [6/?] favorite male characters (in no particular order)

Jason Peter Todd / Robin / Red Hood

It didn’t surprise anyone when I died. When I failed. I failed… but I’m still beating you." - Jason in Teen Titans v3 029 


BATMAN RACEBENDING The Robin Legacy: requested by anonymous

Keahu Kahuanui as Dick Grayson 
Harry Shum Jr. as Jason Todd
Tyler Posey as Tim Drake
Nathalie Emmanuel as Carrie Kelley
Zoe Kravitz
as Stephanie Brown
Arsalan Ghasemi as Damian Wayne
Cykeem White as Duke Thomas

Note: I totally blame Abbie for getting the ball rolling on this since I was only supposed to cast Dick Grayson in the beginning. I still like the idea of an all POC Robin lineup, especially since there were originally only three POC Robins in the comics and of course I couldn’t leave out the female Robins. The Robins aren’t a “white boys only” club anymore.



"Thank you for your time. "

will someone please come pick up this crying baby?



Your Preview of Gotham Academy #1 out TOMORROW

The first issue of Gotham Academy hits the stands and screens tomorrow. If you heard the 3 Chicks Podcast review and interview with Becky Cloonan, you know I love the book. If you haven’t done so, I’d call my shop and ask them to hold a copy if you’re a floppy reader.

I honestly believe this book could, along with Ms. Marvel, be the change agent for comics.

You are following the Inside Gotham Academy Tumblr, right?



Who else is crying over these new lipsticks by NYX? The Wicked range is made up of 12 witchy, jeweled toned shades - just in time for fall *__*



RIP Mike Brown. His momma said she didn’t want anymore pics of him laying dead on the street so she shared pics of him as she knew him. This is one…

And I swear if it’s the last thing I do on this bloody website we are gunna make sure this doesn’t get forgotten. If we can’t get justice we’ll get change. The event in ferguson show that things have to fucking change



please turn on the audio for this


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