Suddenly realizing all of the events I love most in A Song of Ice and Fire are in A Storm of Swords, not a a Clash of Kings, so I will have to wait another year to see them on telly. 

And since they’re splitting it into two seasons, they may not all be in season three. GODS WHY ARE YOU CRUEL

You know what I want to see right now?

* Joffrey’s wedding (YES YES YES there is nothing I want more than this, nothing, nada, not even a thing)

* The Red Wedding (I AM A DRAMA LLAMA)

* Jaime and Brienne bonding all the time - ALL THE TIME, do you hear me?

A Storm of Swords is my favorite book of the series because it is jam-paced with everything happening all at once everywhere to everyone.




A thing of great beauty. 

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