So like does anyone else ever have that experience where you open a present - and it’s something from your list - and everyone is just like, “What is it?? What is it?” as you open it, really excitedly, like they think it’s going to be a puppy or some kind of new pellet gun.

But instead it’s something ridiculously obscure that no one else in your family even knew existed before you put it on your list, so you end up getting to explain things like, “Oh, it’s MUFE Fix-It Spray. A make-up spray that fixes your make-up ALL DAY LONG,” and no one really seems to understand why your thing is desirable, so you try and say things like, “It smells like rosewater!!” 

Oh, Christmas.


Watching: rhoa, lark rise to candleford, soa
Reading: east by edith pattou, the countess conspiracy, the last princess
Listening to: bombadil
Working on: pretending i will never grad student again at least for a month ok at least one month